Cedar Sandblasted Signs

Projects from this Taxonomy

Camila’s personal sign

2013 Camila sign

Personal sandblasted sign.

Custom address sign

2018 5551 address sign

Cedar sandblasted custom address sign with Gold Leaf lettering.

Sinfully The Best (on wheels)

Sinfully The Best with wheels

Sinfully The Best cedar sandblasted sign with Gold Leaf lettering (on wheels).

Edward Jones sandblasted cedar

Another cedar sandblasted sign

Cedar Springwater Haven sign

Cedar Springwater Haven Sign

Cedar Sandblasted Sign for Cedar Springwater Haven.

Rebecca Sehn cedar sandblasted

Cedar sandblasted sign for Rebecca Sehn.

Norm & Leni’s Getaway cedar sandblasted


Cedar sandblasted sign for Norm & Leni’s Getaway.

Lake Cowichan cedar sandblasted

2009 Lake Cowichan cedar sandblasted

Cedar sandblasted sign for Lake Cowichan.

Rocanini Coffee cedar sandblasted

2016 Rocanini Coffee cedar sandblasted

Cedar sandblasted double sided projecting sign

Sweet Maple Market cedar sign

2015 Sweet Maple YVR cedar sign

Cedar sandblasted sign for YVR duty free.